VFX Compositor

Led by his passion, Nicolas grew up with only one idea : to reach the best companies around the world and work on the most prestigious shows.

DNEG  -  Framestore  -  MPC

Steven Spielberg  -  Tim Burton

Denis Villeneuve  -  David Yates

Walt Disney Studios  -  DreamWorks Pictures

Marvel Studios  -   DC Comics


Best Visual Effects for Blade Runner 2049

The story begins in France, Nicolas is 12 years old when he tries a VFX software for the first time. Trying to mimic the legendary effects from Stars Wars, he fell in love with the VFX universe and created his own stories sprinkled with light saber fights. Then he used this medium during art classes at school, the teacher, impressed and amused is the first one to encourage him on this road. The choice of his future has been made. Few years go by and the passion grow, Nicolas is 17 when he joined the school ESMA (Montpellier). After studying animation and  CGI for 4 years, he went to Paris, Bruxelles and Montréal to work for some of the leading companies in the industry.